Thought your tap water was pure?  Think again!  Deadly toxins lurk every time you turn on the tap!
Peter Spiegel has been a natural health advocate and inventor for over 25 years. Peter’s latest invention, the AquaTru water purifier is the result of Peter’s deep concern about water quality and its impact on health.

The Hidden Dangers Inside our Tap Water
Lead. Arsenic. Pesticides. Hormones. Plastics. Chromium 6. Nitrates. Disinfection byproducts. Perchlorate (otherwise known as rocket fuel).  These are just a few of the 1000’s of contaminants already proven to be present in our tap water.  And what are the EPA and your local municipalities doing about it?

Virtually nothing.  That’s right…NOTHING!

And this isn’t just a Flint, Michigan problem.
You’ve read the headlines in the news about toxic tap water, but this debacle is not just limited to Flint, Michigan.  The majority of American homes have water containing cancer-causing chemicals that are NOT REGULATED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY.  In fact, Cancer-causing toxins and contaminants have been found in household tap water in all 50 states.  Regular consumption of this tainted tap water can lead to some insidious long-term health problems, including:

  • birth defects
  • respiratory ailments
  • reproductive issues
  • and yes, even cancer

In a nutshell, there is no question that the quality of American tap water is alarming and downright dangerous.

“Since we can’t trust the government to provide pure drinking water for us, I decided to do something about it myself.”

That’s why I spent five years working with a team of scientists and engineers to develop a simple-to-use, counter top, four-stage, reverse osmosis water purifier that removes virtually all toxic chemicals (including the ones you can’t spell or pronounce) from your tap water.

Reverse Osmosis – the Gold Standard of Water Purification
Reverse osmosis is a process you can depend on to create truly pure water.  In fact, it’s the same technology used by the largest bottled-water companies. While there are already under-the-sink reverse osmosis purifiers on the market, they’re prohibitively expensive and require professional installation and upkeep.

So instead, I miniaturized the same reverse osmosis technology and invented AquaTru® – the first and only countertop water purifier that is certified to NSF standards to remove over 80 contaminants, creating better-than-bottled water from your tap, with no plumbing or installation required.

Aquatru IS better than bottled
Over the course of a year, bottled water for a family of four can cost thousands of dollars, and create literally tons of unrecycled waste that pollute our landfills and waterways for years to come.  And don’t forget, all those plastic bottles require millions of barrels of oil to produce and transport!

What about those popular pitcher-style water filters?
At best, those pitcher filters are only certified to remove a handful of contaminants, and what they’re really doing is just making your water taste better, not safer.  Sure, they might catch a few simple chemicals like chlorine, but they’re helpless against the hundreds of other toxic contaminants still lurking in your drinking water.  Multi-stage reverse osmosis is the only technology proven to remove virtually all toxic chemicals, including fluoride.

Try AquaTru in your own home today
Now, you’ve seen how AquaTru can:

ü  Protect you and your loved ones from unknown chemicals
lurking in your tap water
ü  Save you thousands of dollars on bottled water
ü  Protect the environment from plastic waste

I hope you’ll give AquaTru a try in your own home.  You’ll save time, money and hassle from the moment it’s plugged in.  Plus, I guarantee AquaTru will make the best tasting water you’ve ever enjoyed, or you can send it back for a full refund of your purchase price.

So, say good-bye to toxic tap water, and hello to AquaTru today.